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haydn fantasia image 240pxFantasia in C major, by F. J. Haydn

Arranged as a Duet for Flute and Alto Flute by John W. Pratt

Flute Part, Alto Flute Part, and Score ― PDF $12.99

Fantasia in C major (Op.58; Hob. XVII:4) was written by Haydn in 1789 for the pianoforte.  Based on a folk song about a farmer's wife chasing her cat, one can easily imagine in the music kittenish scampering, stealthy approaches, unexpected pounces, and mad chases with abrupt changes of direction.  The style and playfulness of the piece are beautifully suited to the agility and sparkle of flutes.  The transcription is able to capture the feel Haydn intended, with new coloring, while at the same time affording flutists the joy of experiencing the work first-hand.  (adapted from JWP's foreword to the edition)

Please click the Preview button to see p1-2 of the mini-Score (in concert pitch).  After opening the file, adjust the orientation using "View - Rotate View - Clockwise" in your pdf reader program.

Flute part, 6 pages; Alto Flute part, 7 pages; Mini-score, 6 pages; Total, 22 pages.