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from Rick Nelson:

Hello Music Friends,

Greetings from here in chilly Maine!

Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that the first single from the album Dissolve of my compositions for the Makrokosmos Orchestra has just been released on Adhyâropa Records!  I’m thrilled to see this project come into being and grateful for the incredible creativity and musicianship of the players in the ensemble.

If you’d like, you can check out the single and pre-order the album on Bandcamp here.  Digital download and physical CD purchases both include extended liner notes by Mark Harvey and a beautiful 8-panel design by Chris Glass.


Thanks so much for your interest and hope you enjoy the music!



Haydn Sym13 multiflute nsmWe’ve just uploaded another NSM publication for flute ensemble by John W. Pratt ... a skillful arrangement of Haydn’s Symphony No.13 for multiple flutes.  A score is provided as well as separate parts for all designated players, Flute 1, Flute 2, optional Flutes 3 and 4, Alto Flute, and Bass Flute; all parts can be doubled at will.  See additional information on the listing page.

Clara Op13 Afl nsmThe six songs of Clara Schumann’s Op.13 convey the intense emotions portrayed in the poems that inspired Clara Op13 Cl nsmthem, and they are absolutely charming. These lieder are nicely adaptable for a solo instrument in lieu of voice, and particularly lovely when played on either alto flute or clarinet. We’ve just published parts for either alto flute or B-flat-clarinet, transcribed from the original Sechs Lieder voice lines; visit the listing pages for further details.

Massenet OnDit VoClPf r nsmJules Massenet was an eminent and prolific French composer of the Romantic period.  His composition On dit! is a musical setting of the eponymous poem by Jean Roux.  Massenet provided the piece with a prominent part for cello, which we have adapted for clarinet, creating a lovely and suitable new version of On dit! for clarinet, voice, and piano.  We provide a score in concert pitch, as well as individual parts for either A-clarinet or Bb-clarinet transcribed from the original cello part.