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Clara Op13 Cl nsmSechs Lieder, by Clara Schumann

Transcribed for Clarinet by C. A. Vater

Part for B-flat Clarinet (in lieu of voice); PDF $5.99

In her Sechs Lieder, Op. 13, Clara Schumann set to music six German poems—two written by Heinrich Heine (Ich stand in dunklen Träumen and Sie liebten sich beide), three by Emanuel Geibel (Liebeszauber, Der Mond kommt still gegangen, and Die stille Lotosblume) and one by Friedrich Rückert (Ich hab’ in deinem Auge).  Many of Clara Schumann’s songs were composed as gifts for her beloved husband Robert; they are romantic, melodic and highly expressive, and the Sechs Lieder of Op. 13 appropriately convey the broad array of intense emotions portrayed in the poetry that inspired them.  These songs, which are absolutely charming, are nicely adaptable for a solo instrument in lieu of voice.  They have been transcribed previously for violin or cello, and likely other instruments as well, but are particularly lovely when played on either alto flute or clarinet, instruments for which the voice line falls completely in range. Our Noteworthy Sheet Music editions of Op. 13 for alto flute or clarinet do not include re-notated versions of the score, since a high-quality PDF of the original piano and voice score is available free of charge in the public domain, and that piano accompaniment works perfectly well with our instrumental transcriptions of the voice line.  The score we used when creating our parts may be downloaded from the IMSLP website.  For NSM’s alto flute transcription of the Sechs Lieder voice line, please click the link.

B-flat Clarinet Part, 4 pages; Total, 6 pages.