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  • Lane - Seven Rants - Wind Quintet & Piano

    lane.sevenrants nsmSeven Rants, by Peter Van Zandt Lane

    Contemporary Composition for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Piano, PDF $0.00

    Peter Van Zandt Lane was commissioned to compose this piece for the 67th Composers Conference and Chamber Music Workshop at Wellesley College, which took place in the summer of 2011.   The annual Conference is a wonderful two-week event, which brings together prominent young composers, superb professional musicians, dedicated amateur chamber musicians, and enthusiastic listeners.   The professional musicians premiere the composers' new works and also coach the amateur musicians in chamber ensembles. Concerts are free and open to the public.  For more information on the program, please visit the Composers Conference website.

    After the Conference each year, one of the composer fellows is selected to create a new work for the next year's chamber music workshop participants.   That composer returns the following summer to coach two groups of players on the new composition, in preparation for performances in the Saturday evening concerts of Week I and Week II.   Peter Van Zandt Lane's Seven Rants was an enormous success in 2011, absolutely loved by the players and received exceptionally well by the audience.   Written for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and piano, Seven Rants is a series of seven delightful and diverse movements.  The first and last movements are strict palindromes.  The five middle movements or "rants" are "mini-concertos", each highlighting a different wind instrument.   Great fun to play, and highly accessible.

    With permission from both the composer and the Wellesley Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center, Noteworthy Sheet Music is thrilled to offer our customers a free PDF download of Seven Rants by Peter Van Zandt Lane.   And please check out more of this terrific young composer's work, including two other listings in the NSM catalog, Danzas Mecánicas and Transverse Fractures.

    Score, 37 pages: Flute part, 10 pages; Oboe part, 9 pages; Clarinet part, 10 pages; Horn part, 9 pages; Bassoon part, 9 pages; Piano part, 15 pages; Total, 103 pages.

  • Popp - Greetings to Hungary - Flute and Piano

    Popp Fl Pf nsmGreetings to Hungary, Op.407, by Wilhelm Popp

    Flute and Piano

    Flute Part and Piano Score, PDF $0.00

    Wilhelm Albrecht Otto Popp (1828-1903) was an esteemed German composer, flutist, and pianist. He received his flute training from Caspar Kummer and Louis Drouet, and served as court pianist and flutist at the Ducal Saxon Court Theater in Coburg-Gotha. In 1867 he moved to Hamburg and became first flute of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Popp composed some 600 works, many of which were written for flute and piano; most of his compositions were published in his lifetime and were well-known to musicians of his day.

    Wilhelm Popp’s Gruß an Ungarn (Greetings to Hungary) was first published for flute and orchestra in 1890, and an edition for flute and piano was published in 1899. NSM re-notated the flute and piano version, changing only the formatting and adding bar numbers and a new cover page. With a decidedly Hungarian sentiment, this piece is great fun to play and provides an enjoyable, exciting listen for audiences as well.

    Click for a free download of our re-typeset edition of Popp’s Gruß an Ungarn.

    Piano score, 8 pages; Flute part, 5 pages; Total 16 pages.

  • Scriabin - Romance - Transcribed for Clarinet, Flute, or Alto Flute

    ScriabinRomance, by Alexander Scriabin

    Transcribed for Clarinet or Flute or Alto Flute (and Piano) by J. W. Pratt

    Parts, PDF $0.00

    Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915), the mystic Russian composer with music to match, wrote nine mind-bending orchestral works and myriad mostly miniature piano pieces. He began as a "Russian Chopin" and ended planning a week-long "Mysterium" to be performed in the Himalayas using "an orchestra, a large mixed choir, an instrument with visual effects, dancers, a procession, incense, and... mists and lights" (Wikipedia).

    The Romance of 1890, his only chamber work except one variation for string quartet, is nearer the Chopin end of that spectrum, though the piano part adds harmonic and rhythmic complexities not evident from the solo part alone.

    - John W. Pratt, Jan. 19, 2016

    Please click on the links to download your free PDFs:

    Transcription for clarinet required no changes of pitch.  Scriabin - Romance - Clarinet

    The transcription for flute is raised an octave, except the last five measures.  Scriabin - Romance - Flute

    The transcription for alto flute raises MM21-24 and MM36-48 an octave.  Scriabin - Romance - Alto Flute

    The piano score is freely available on

    Scriabin image courtesy of, PD-old.

  • Sing Along Materials

    sing along nsm rSing-Along Materials, arranged by John W. Pratt

    Piano Scores and Lyrics, Free Downloads

    In an ongoing project with John Pratt, we are uploading a variety of free materials for community sing-alongs.  These include large-font lyrics sheets and piano scores with modifications or arrangements by Mr. Pratt.  Just click on the title links or download buttons to access the pdfs, free of charge.

    We Gather Together - Netherlands folk song  optional piccolo part

    Our friend John Pratt decided to liven up the traditional Thanksgiving hymn when he plays it at his extended family's annual feast, and we decided to make his version freely available to others similarly inclined. The first stanza is traditional, the second adds all the octaves John is able to play, and the third replaces the usual bass line with one which marches along step-wise, mostly in eighths, leading to a few nontraditional harmonies.  For 2022 he added an optional piccolo part to accompany the piano and voice score.
    He has also made a version without octaves for two players at one piano.    We Gather Together, 4-hand version without octaves


    Large-font lyrics for Christmas carols and Thanksgiving songs [1] to [42]

    One of the most common problems with song books for community sing-alongs, especially for seniors, is that the lyrics are too small to be seen easily.  John Pratt has created large-font lyrics sheets with the words (public domain) for 42 popular songs for the holiday season.  Open the pdf by clicking the link above and print as few or as many as you'd like.

    Mr. Pratt has also created a booklet format for the large-font lyrics for holiday songs [1] to [42], called The NSM Carol Book, which is handy for group sing-alongs and is easily re-usable.  The booklets should be printed double-sided on 8.5" x 11" paper (or 9" x 12", if available), stapled in the middle and folded to form a 5.5" x 8.5" booklet.  Since printing directions will be different for every printer, we leave it to our visitors to know what settings to use on their own equipment to have all pages come out in order, right-side up, etc.  With my Canon ImageCLASS MF4890 machine, for example, I would do the following: print using fit to page, landscape orientation, 2-sided, flipping on short edge; then staple along the mid-line and fold down the center along the staples so that the Contents are on the front page.  Note that a long-arm stapler (reaching to 5.5") is required for manual stapling, but some institutions may have printer/copiers that can auto-staple along the mid-line.

  • Vater - Muriel - Voice

    Vater Muriel nsmMuriel, by Edward G. Vater

    Contemporary Ballad for Voice with Piano or Guitar Accompaniment

    Edward G. Vater (1923-2018), my dad, was quite a remarkable man.  A lifelong-resident of New Britain, CT, he was an educator by profession, and served many years as a school teacher and later as a college administrator.  But he had numerous, diverse interests and took on many challenges over the years, including raising three children with his loving wife Anne (Mickey) Siton Vater, building a house, studying the Russian language, teaching English to Russian immigrants, working as a tool and die maker summers to support his young family, and serving his community in various roles such as Democratic Town Committee member, Justice of the Peace, and Chairman of the Public Works Department, to name a few.  Displaying a life-long love of music, he was heavily involved in school music programs as a child, and loved to sing and play saxophone and clarinet.  He played alto saxophone in dance bands during his stint in the U.S. Army Aircorps in England during WWII and stateside after returning home, often in groups with his two brothers, Al and Bob.  He sang and played his horn most days, still infusing his music with tenderness and passion, until a couple weeks before his death in April, 2018.

    At age 93 and dealing with metastatic melanoma but still independent, Ed moved into an apartment in Arbor Rose, an independent-assisted living facility.  Upon hearing him sing his song Muriel, Denise Lebrocquy, one of the administrators there, arranged to take Ed to a professional music studio* to make a recording of him singing the tune, for which he had written the music and lyrics.  This was a beautiful and uplifting experience for him, and one for which I too am very grateful.  The audio file may be heard by clicking the mp3 link below.  John Pratt, Jerry Gleason, and I entered the melody, chords, and lyrics for Muriel into a music notation software program for publication of the lead sheet on NSM, so we can share my dad’s moving love-song with our website visitors and pay tribute to a wonderful man and a life well-lived.

    ―Carol A. Vater, December 21, 2016

    revised 4/22/18

    Ed Vater passed away on April 18, 2018; he would have turned 95 that June.


    *Matt Berky, Massive Productions, LLC, Rocky Hill, CT

    Ed Vater wished to give thanks and dedicate his song Muriel to the Jerome Home/Arbor Rose health complex at 975 Corbin Avenue, New Britain, CT, and to health care providers everywhere.

    We're making Muriel (Copyright © 2016 by Edward G. Vater) available free of charge, with the understanding that the song writer will be publicly credited upon any performance or other use of his song, and with the suggestion that donations be made to the Melanoma Research Alliance in support of finding a cure.  Click to download a PDF of the NSM edition of the Muriel lead sheet or to listen to the Muriel audio recording

    A video of Ed Vater being interviewed and singing Muriel aired in the Hartford area on NBC on January 1, 2017; here's a link to the full news story, and another to just the music video.



  • Vercoe – Duos – 2 Flutes, Oboes, or Clarinets

    vercoe1Woodwind Duos, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Original Compositions for 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, or 2 Clarinets, $0.00 (free!)

    Elizabeth Vercoe's Duos for woodwinds are available as free downloads from the composer's own website at  Dr. Vercoe kindly offered to allow Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC to make these duets available from our website as well.

    The Duos, in versions for two flutes, two oboes, or two clarinets, are "fun and quite easy. They are suitable for intermediate students."

    Photo of Elizabeth Vercoe courtesy of Caroline Alden.

    Just click on the links below to download the Duos at no charge; each PDF includes all 5 short duets:

    Duos for 2 Flutes
    Duos for 2 Oboes
    Duos for 2 Clarinets
  • Vercoe – Duos – Two Flutes

    vercoe1Duos, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Original Compositions for 2 Flutes, $0.00 (free!)

    Elizabeth Vercoe's Duos for two flutes are available as free downloads from the composer's own website at  Dr. Vercoe kindly offered to allow Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC to make these duets available from our website as well.  The Duos are "fun and quite easy. They are suitable for intermediate students."

    Photo of Elizabeth Vercoe courtesy of Caroline Alden.

    Just click on the links below to download the Duos at no charge:

    Duos 1-5  for 2 flutes