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Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute

My Cart image 240pxAdagio from Symphony No.24, by F. J. Haydn

Arranged for Alto Flute and Piano by John W. Pratt

Alto Flute Part and Piano Score, PDF $6.00

We offer a flute and piano edition of the gorgeous second movement Adagio for solo flute accompanied by strings from Haydn's Symphony No.24. An arrangement for alto flute that is mellower than that for flute but also extremely beautiful is obtained by lowering the pitch a minor third. Haydn's flute part needs no other change, nor does the cadenza that was written by Mr. Pratt for our C-flute edition. The string parts have been adapted to piano sonority in a number of ways, as well as transposing them in this alto flute edition. 

Alto Flute part, 2 pages; Alto Flute & Piano score, 4 pages; Total, 10 pages.