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United States customers may purchase professionally-printed hard copy editions of most pieces listed in our Catalog.  To do so, please use the Contact Us form to let us know which edition(s) you would like to purchase, along with your contact information and your USPO mailing address.  We will then send you a PayPal invoice for the sale, which includes a shipping and handling charge.   Once we receive notice from PayPal that you have paid for the items, we will ship your music to the address provided, for delivery in 7-10 business days.

We implemented a new e-commerce system as of August 2020.  Here are detailed steps on how to purchase and download our PDFs:  

- Click the “Add to Cart” button on the product page.

- Click "Checkout" or “View Cart” when ready to check out.

- Log in if you already have an account and your email address is on file with us.  To checkout as a guest, fill out the required customer information.

- Check both the “Privacy Policy” and the “PDF Download Agreement” boxes.

- Click “Confirm Order” and verify that all information is correct.

- Click “Place Order” ... this transfers you to PayPal, where you provide your payment information (either a credit card or a PayPal account) and then click “Pay Now”.

- Click “Return to Merchant”.

- If you created a login account at Noteworthy Sheet Music, while logged in simply click the "Go to order history" link and then click "Downloads" to download your pdf.

- If you checked out as a guest, you will be sent an email from us with your order confirmation, a link and a password.

- Copy the password in the email and click the link to go back to the NSM website download page.

- Paste in the password and enter your email address.

- Click “Downloads” and click on the purchased PDF you wish to download.

- You have 7 days to download your PDFs; you are allowed to download 2 copies.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so if for any reason you are unable to download a PDF after having paid for it, please Contact Us and we will provide download assistance as soon as possible, or we will email you a copy of the sheet music directly.

Our parts and scores have been formatted for convenient 2-sided printing on standard letter size paper (8.5" x 11"), so please select this setting on your printer for optimal results.  For other size paper, you may want to use a "fit to paper" option or consult your printer manufacturer for technical advice.   

Noteworthy Sheet Music does offer custom transcription services.  We would need to know the details of your request before taking on any assignment or providing a cost estimate.  Acceptance of custom transcription work depends on several factors, including assurance that creating the transcription would be legal (either the piece is in the public domain or you can provide written permission from the copyright owner), the nature and quality of the original edition, the desired time frame to completion of the edition, our current workload and the availability of Noteworthy Sheet Music personnel.  We welcome your custom transcription business, so please send us an email and describe your project.  We will respond promptly to discuss the possibility of our being of assistance to you.

We have not experienced any instances of problems with the sales process regarding the functioning of either the Noteworthy Sheet Music website or the PayPal website.  However, a very few customers have experienced being redirected back to the PayPal site when they clicked the download button.  This problem appears to stem from certain settings on the customer's computer that may block the redirect URL, such as an unusually high security setting.   If for any reason you are unable to download a pdf after paying for it, simply notify us of the details of your transaction using the Contact Us form and we will promptly email you a copy of the pdf you purchased.

Our transcriptions are prepared using scores and parts that are not subject to copyright protection and that are readily available in the public domain without charge.  Our customers can obtain these scores and parts simply by downloading the corresponding pdf files from superb, free, public domain music libraries such as the International Music Score Library Project / Petrucci Music Library.  The IMSLP website ( boasts a marvelous collection of 31,215 works, 77,812 scores, 1,414 recordings, 4,535 composers, and 53 performers.  We at Noteworthy Sheet Music like to save our customers money by informing them of such resources, and we prefer to spend our time creating new transcriptions rather than duplicating freely-available existing scores.