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Scores with at least one part for trumpet.
  • Snow Pond Anthology—2015

    SPA nsmSnow Pond Composers Workshop Anthology New Music for Flute 2015

    Edited by Joshua Tomlinson, PDF $21.95

    The first annual Snow Pond Composers Workshop took place June 7-13, 2015, under the direction of Edward Jacobs and Richard Nelson.  The workshop was part of the broader Snow Pond Music Festival taking place in Sidney, Maine.  Peter H. Bloom was the Visiting Performing Artist, and Elliott Schwartz was the Guest Composer.  The Snow Pond Composers Workshop Anthology—New Music for Flute 2015, edited by Joshua Tomlinson, includes all of the scores presented at the workshop:

      ED by Sean O. G. Burns | one player, on flute with kick drum and voice
      Where Wind Blows by William C. Edwards | solo flute
      Farewell to Charms by Henry Feinberg | solo flute
      Amuse-Bouche by Edward Jacobs | solo flute
            Published by American Composers Alliance, reprinted with permission.
      Stillness by Richard Nelson | trumpet, saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums/percussion;
            or, flute and electric guitar (or other small combination of instruments)
      Party On, Bloom! by Alan Racadag | one player, on piccolo, C-flute, alto flute,
            and optional bass flute
      Soliloquy III by Elliott Schwartz | one player, on flute, piccolo, alto flute, and piano
            Published by American Composers Alliance, reprinted with permission.
      Something Human by Joshua Tomlinson | solo flute
      Indecision (...or maybe not) by Isaac Ward | solo flute
      Vyvirian Folk Songs by Julian Ward | solo flute
      Quicksilver by Joshua Zinn | solo flute

    This is a remarkable collection of new music for flute, which Noteworthy Sheet Music is pleased to make available to the broader flute community.  Our edition includes composer biographies and performance notes, as well as the scores.  

    Scores, 39 pages of music; Total, 64 pages.

    Awarded 2018: Congratulations to composer Edward Jacobs on being awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.
    Peter H. Bloom gave a lecture on “Effective Writing for Flutes and the Contemporary Flutist” at the 2018 Snow Pond Composers Workshop.  In his presentation, Mr. Bloom discussed various topics using four contemporary works published by Noteworthy Sheet Music, including Amuse-Bouche and Soliloquy III, as examples.  We later published a free text version of this excellent presentation on our website, in the Reviews and Articles section, including some of the audio clips and supplemental written materials that Mr. Bloom used as demonstrations... click the link to access the text version.
    We also offer a plastic-comb-bound print edition of the Snow Pond Anthology for $37.32 plus a $5.99 shipping and handling fee. We ship print editions only to addresses in the USA.  Please use the Contact Us form to let us know which hard copy publication(s) you would like to purchase, along with your email contact information and USPS mailing address.  We will then send you a PayPal invoice for the sale and, once we receive notice from PayPal that you have paid for the item(s), we will ship your music to the address provided.
  • Valerius/Kremser/Pratt - We Gather Together - arr. Brass Ensemble

    WeGather B4-B5 nsmWe Gather Together, by Adrianus Valerius

    Arranged for Brass Ensemble by John W. Pratt
    Quartet version: Score and Parts for C-Trumpet-1, C-Trumpet-2, F Horn, and Trombone; 
    Quintet version: Score and Parts for C-Trumpet-1, C-Trumpet-2, F Horn, Trombone, and Tuba;

    Edition includes both Quartet and Quintet versions; PDF $7.99


    Wilt heden nu treden, nowadays more commonly known as We Gather Together, is a Christian hymn of Dutch origin composed by Adrianus Valerius and first published in 1626 (; it was later harmonized by Eduard Kremser ( In the United States, We Gather Together is the most popular song traditionally associated with the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving tradition in the Pratt household goes back as far as John Pratt (b. 1931) can remember, and when it fell to him to play all three stanzas at his family's annual gathering, he got interested in livening it up.  He has now created an arrangement of We Gather Together for brass ensemble that lends new excitement and interesting harmonies to this old favorite. The opportunistic half-step modulations introduced to help amateur voices warm up also brighten successive stanzas for brass. The Noteworthy Sheet Music edition includes two variations of this brass arrangement, for quartet or quintet. Some of the parts (in addition to tuba) differ in the quartet and quintet arrangements, and we are including both complete sets of scores and parts in this single publication.
    Note that for these publications, the parts should be printed one-sided since they are only one page each and we have not inserted blank filler pages.

    Click to listen to an mp3 of a computer-generated rendition of the brass quartet arrangement; your live performances will of course be more realistic and appealing.

    Brass Quartet: Score, 3 pages; Parts for C-Trumpet-1, C-Trumpet-2, F-Horn, and Trombone, 1 page each.  Brass Quintet: Score, 3 pages; Parts for C-Trumpet-1, C-Trumpet-2, F-Horn, Trombone, and Tuba, 1 page each.  Total, 18 pages.