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Glazunov Menestrel A Cl Pno nsmGlazunov - Chant du Ménestrel, Op.71, by Alexander Glazunov

Transcribed for A-Clarinet and Piano by C.A.Vater

Score and Part; PDF $7.99

Alexander Glazunov (1865-1936) was an eminent composer in the late Russian romantic tradition.  In 1901, he published two versions of his Chant du Ménestrel, one for cello and orchestra and another for cello and piano, dedicating the work to Alexandre Wierzbilowicz, principal cello at the Russian Imperial Opera Orchestra and a professor at the Conservatory.  Chant du Ménestrel (Minstrel’s Song) is a sorrowful, romantic piece that evokes the image of a Russian troubadour wandering the countryside, singing his sad songs.  The lyrical, expressive solo cello line is without double stops and readily transcribed for other instruments.  Written in the key of F# minor, this short work (average duration 3-4 minutes) adapts especially well for A-clarinet.  

Score, 4 pages; A-Clarinet part, 2 pages; Total, 10 pages.