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  • Ross - Cockles and Mussels - Harp Ensemble

    ross cm nsmCockles and Mussels, James Yorkston

    Arranged for Multi-Level Harp Ensemble by Judith Ross

    Score and Parts for Harps I, II, & III, PDF $10.50

    Cockles and Mussels, also known as Molly Malone or In Dublin's Fair City, is a popular song thought to have been first published in Boston, MA, in 1876, in a collection of college songs.  The 1884 London version, published by Francis Brothers & Day, lists the piece as a comic song composed by James Yorkston.  The piece is especially beloved in the city of Dublin, where a statue of Molly Malone has been erected on Grafton Street.

    Judith Ross, founder and director of the Massachusetts Harp Ensemble, has created numerous mixed level harp arrangements over the years.  She welcomes harpists of all levels of expertise into her ensemble, so most of her arrangements are designed to include parts of different levels of difficulty.  That way, anyone can have a chance to participate and join in the fun.  The Massachusetts Harp Ensemble is a Boston area treasure, enjoyed and appreciated by local harp students and their teachers, many of whom are already familiar with Ms. Ross' arrangements in manuscript form.  Now some of these works are available to the broader harp community as new, typeset editions prepared by Noteworthy Sheet Music.  Cockles and Mussels includes two intermediate level pedal harp parts and one easy lever harp part.




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