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  • Nicholson - A School for the Flute

    Nicholson_School_imageA School for the Flute, by C. Nicholson

    Gassett Collection - Facsimile Edition by Peter H. Bloom

    Volume I,  PDF $10.50

    Volume II, PDF $10.50


    Charles Nicholson (1795-1837) was the most renowned flutist in the English-speaking world during the first half of the 19th century. His artistry, style, and technical innovation remain forceful influences more than a century and a half after his death. Before the meteoric rise of the Boehm flute put an end to glorious diversity in the flute world, there were three categories of flutes from which to choose: small hole French style flutes; large hole Nicholson style flutes; and flutes with moderate holes. Nicholson's A School for the Flute, published in 1836, addresses all three styles of instruments and provides clear direction to players of each. He also provides us with a wealth of information on style and performance practice in the 19th century.  (excerpted from the foreword by P. H. Bloom)

    Please note that this is an un-enhanced facsimile, a scan of an historical edition, so there are areas that are faded, uneven, or otherwise imperfect based on the condition of the original document.

    Volume I: 75 pages including a foreword by Peter H. Bloom, $10.50

    Nicholson addresses fundamentals of music and goes on to present a thorough treatise on flute-playing technique including detailed analyses of fingerings and articulations accompanied by clear and useful musical examples.

    Volume II: 68 pages including a foreword by Peter H. Bloom, $10.50

    Nicholson provides lessons and observations concerning his approach to style, taste and performance practice as well as technique.

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    A School for the Flute, Volume I, by C. Nicholson
    A School for the Flute, Volume II, by C. Nicholson

  • Benavides - The Piano in Spain

    Benavides Piano nsmThe Piano in Spain, by Ana Benavides

    Print Edition, 147 pages, paperback, $24.99

    Written by internationally accclaimed pianist and Steinway Artist Ana Benavides, this book covers the history of the piano in Spain, from its introduction to the time of Joaquín Turina. The edition is carefully researched and beautifully formatted, and contains numerous music examples and color images. Scholars, professional pianists, amateur musicians, and lovers of the piano generally will find this book indispensible for understanding the piano in Spain during the 19th century. Here is a list of the topics covered:
    1. Introduction of the Piano into Spain
    2. The First Spanish Piano Builders
    3. Music Conservatories and other Musical Spaces
    4. Editorial Activity and the Musical Press
    5. On the Way to Nationalism
    6. Spain and Europe
    7. Repertoire
    8. Maestros and Predecessors
    9. Isaac Albéniz
    10. Enrique Granados
    11. Manuel de Falla
    12. Joaquín Turina

    A review by Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet of The Piano in Spain by Ana Benavides appeared in the Newsletter of The American Musical Instrument Society, Volume 44, No. 1, Spring 2015, p22.  The review has been republished on the NSM website with permission from AMIS.

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