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The following review of Mary Jane Rupert's arrangement of The Nutcracker for flute and harp was written by Cynthia Price-Glynn.    


The Nutcracker Suite
from the ballet by Tchaikovsky
arranged for Flute & Harp by Mary Jane Rupert

Finally - - - harpists get to play all the wonderful character pieces in this very popular and well-known ballet suite . . . not just the Waltz of the Flowers.


Mary Jane Rupert has done a masterful job of capturing the mood, attitude, and even humor of these pieces that are recognizable all year round. Her partnering of the two instruments actually mirrors the color and nuances of the original orchestration.

tchaikovsky.nutcracker flhp nsmThe suite is certainly worthy of the concert stage, and certainly delightful in any setting (formal or informal) during the winter holidays. Besides flute, they could also be played on violin or clarinet.

Some pieces are technically challenging for harp and for flute - - but well worth the effort.  All seven can be performed together as a suite, or in groupings of two or three pieces.  Students could learn the pieces one by one as they progress technically.

The publication (by Noteworthy Sheet Music) is very clear and precise, easy to read and on high grade paper - - to last through years and years of being played.

Players and listeners have enjoyed Mary Jane's "Nutcracker" arrangement for years in the Boston area. This is a 'must-have' for anyone who likes having fun in a duo while making beautiful music that everyone loves to hear.


Cynthia Price-Glynn
Principal Harp, Boston Ballet
Chair of the Harp Department, Boston Conservatory