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Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute

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We implemented a new e-commerce system as of August 2020.  Here are detailed steps on how to purchase and download our PDFs:  

- Click the “Add to Cart” button on the product page.

- Click "Checkout" or “View Cart” when ready to check out.

- Log in if you already have an account and your email address is on file with us.  To checkout as a guest, fill out the required customer information.

- Check both the “Privacy Policy” and the “PDF Download Agreement” boxes.

- Click “Confirm Order” and verify that all information is correct.

- Click “Place Order” ... this transfers you to PayPal, where you provide your payment information (either a credit card or a PayPal account) and then click “Pay Now”.

- Click “Return to Merchant”.

- If you created a login account at Noteworthy Sheet Music, while logged in simply click the "Go to order history" link and then click "Downloads" to download your pdf.

- If you checked out as a guest, you will be sent an email from us with your order confirmation, a link and a password.

- Copy the password in the email and click the link to go back to the NSM website download page.

- Paste in the password and enter your email address.

- Click “Downloads” and click on the purchased PDF you wish to download.

- You have 7 days to download your PDFs; you are allowed to download 2 copies.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so if for any reason you are unable to download a PDF after having paid for it, please Contact Us and we will provide download assistance as soon as possible, or we will email you a copy of the sheet music directly.

Our parts and scores have been formatted for convenient 2-sided printing on standard letter size paper (8.5" x 11"), so please select this setting on your printer for optimal results.  For other size paper, you may want to use a "fit to paper" option or consult your printer manufacturer for technical advice.