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All scores that include a part for at least one flute.

  • Weber - Polacca Brillante, Op.72 - Two Flutes

    weber.op.72 image 240 pxPolacca Brillante, Op.72, by Carl Maria von Weber

    Anonymous Arrangement for Two Flutes

    Gassett Collection - New Edition by Noteworthy Sheet Music

    Flute 1 Part, Flute 2 Part, and Score, PDF $7.99


    Carl Maria von Weber (1786-1826) was a German piano virtuoso and prolific composer who made major, influential contributions to many kinds of music and is widely credited with being a founder of the Romantic school.  Weber's rousing Polacca Brillante in E major, Op.72 (alternatively known as L'Hilarité or Grande Polonaise brillante) was written originally for piano solo.  It was composed and first published in 1819, and was later transcribed by Liszt for piano and orchestra.

    We came across an anonymous arrangement of this piece, a duet for two flutes, among the print copies included in the Gassett Collection.  The duet is great fun for flutists, so we created a renotated edition of the arrangement, with the goal of modernizing the format and correcting some likely inaccuracies.  Our new edition includes a score at no extra charge as well as the two flute parts.

    Fl1/Fl2 Score, 8 pages; Flute 1 part, 4 pages; Flute 2 part, 4 pages; Total, 22 pages.

  • Weiss - Grand Trio for Three Flutes - Fl/Fl/Fl

    Weiss Favorite-Trio-Op102 nsmrA Grand Trio for Three Flutes, Concertante, by Charles N. Weiss

    Gassett Collection - New Edition by Noteworthy Sheet Music

    Flute 1 Part, Flute 2 Part, Flute 3 Part, and Score: PDF $13.50

    Charles Nicholas Weiss was the son and pupil of the well-known flutist and composer Carl Weiss.  After a stint in accounting, Charles began his music career as a flutist, teacher and composer in Italy and later settled in London.  He published an acclaimed flute method book (Methodical Instruction-book, Op. 50) and composed a great deal of music, most now forgotten and unavailable.  Weiss' favorite trio, A Grand Trio for Three Flutes, Concertante, Op. 102, was dedicated to his brother, the flute professor and music publisher Willoughby G. Weiss.  We have re-notated the parts and created a score using a modern music notation software program. This is an easy-to-intermediate level piece.  

     Score, 17 pages; Flute 1/2/3 parts, 8/6/4 pages of music; Total, 43 pages.



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