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DanziOp62Cl nsmGrande Sonate, by Franz Danzi

transcribed for Piano and Clarinet by John W. Pratt

Piano score and B♭ Clarinet part, PDF $14.99

Danzi’s Grande Sonate, Opus 62, written for piano and basset horn, was published around 1823, along with an alternative part for cello. Please see additional information about this piece in the article describing our re-notated basset horn edition. The Grande Sonate comprises four movements and provides both sparkle and mellow rich beauty. It is nicely adaptable to other winds, particularly the clarinet. Certain passages in the final movement of the original work seem to invite elaboration or improvisation by the solo instrument, and arranger John Pratt offers suggestions for possible additions or alternatives for the clarinet, making it even more fun to play.

Piano Score, 28 pages; B♭ Clarinet Part, 7 pages; Total, 40 pages.