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Danzi Op62 bh pf nsmGrande Sonate, Op.62, by Franz Danzi

for Piano and Basset Horn; re-notated, edited, and with occasional ossia elaborations suggested by John W. Pratt

Piano Score and Basset Horn Part, PDF $13.99

Franz Danzi (1763-1826) was an active musician, cellist, and teacher in Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe. A prolific composer, especially of music for the stage and chamber music from keyboard solos to sextets, he revered Mozart and mentored Weber. His wind quintets are notable. His Grande Sonate, Opus 62, for piano and basset horn, was published about 1823, along with an alternative cello part which sometimes differs from the basset horn part in other ways than octave transposition. // The original publication of Danzi’s Opus 62 is available at, but there is no full score and the parts are hard to play from, or sometimes even to read at all, lack measure numbers, have a few errors, and differ in the number of measures in the last two movements. We have therefore prepared a full score including the basset horn in concert pitch, to facilitate checking the fit of the basset horn and piano lines and our transcriptions for other instruments against the original.  — excerpted from John Pratt’s foreword to the edition

Piano Score, 28 pages; Basset Horn part, 7 pages; Total 40 pages.