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Mendelssohn Op114 Bn-2 nsmConcert Piece No.2, Op.114, by Felix Mendelssohn

Transcribed for Various Wind Instruments (and piano) by John W. Pratt

(originally for Clarinet, Basset Horn, and Piano)

Primo parts for Clarinet, Flute, or Oboe, PDFs $5.99 each

Secondo parts for Bassoon, Clarinet, or English Horn, PDFs $5.99 each

The following is excerpted from John Pratt's © foreword:

In 1833, Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) wrote two Concert Pieces for Clarinet, Basset Horn, and Piano, op. 113 and op. 114, as show-pieces for the famous clarinetist Heinrich Bärmann (1784-1847) to play with his up-and-coming son Karl (1811-1885) on the basset horn. // These works are very suitable for transcription, even aside from the rarity of the basset horn today. We provide, as well as the original clarinet part, transcriptions of it for flute and oboe. Transcriptions of the basset horn part are provided for bassoon, clarinet, and English horn. These primo and secondo parts can be mixed and matched at will. // Since a good quality PDF of the original piano score with excellent page turns is freely available in the public domain (see, we have not provided a score here; our transcribed primo and secondo wind parts can readily be used with the original score.

Each wind part is 4 pages of music; 6 pages total.

Primo parts for Flute, Clarinet in B-flat (note that the original primo clarinet part is freely available on, or Oboe. 

Secondo parts for Clarinet in B-flat, Bassoon, or English Horn. Preview Bassoon II part


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Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - Flute I
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - Bb Clarinet I
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - Oboe I
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - Bb Clarinet II
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - Bassoon II
Mendelssohn - Concert Piece No.2 - English Horn II