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Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute, Op.137, by F. Schubert

Transcribed for Alto Flute and Piano by C. A. Vater & J. W. Pratt

No.1, Sonata in D major, D.384, Alto Flute Part, PDF $5.99

No.2, Sonata in A minor, D.385, Alto Flute Part, PDF $7.99

No.3, Sonata in G minor, D.408, Alto Flute Part, PDF $5.99


Franz Schubert (1797-1828) wrote his three violin sonatas Opus 137 when he was barely 19.  They were published posthumously as 'Sonatinas', perhaps for marketing reasons, but they are full-scale sonatas in traditional classical style and format, the first having three movements and the others four.  These plus the violin sonata in A of the next year constitute fully half of Schubert's known works for piano and solo instrument.

Schubert's Op.137 sonatas are truly delightful, and we have adapted the violin parts for alto flute.  Where appropriate, changes have been introduced to better accommodate the range, sonority, and general characteristics of the alto flute.  Such modifications include occasional octave adjustments, dynamic changes, and suitable flute-friendly alternatives to the violin's doublestops.  We provide our transcribed alto flute parts—click to preview p1 of No.1, Sonata in D major, or No.2, Sonata in A minor, or No.3, Sonata in G minor.  The piano scores are readily available in the public domain as free pdf downloads from


No.1, Sonata in D major:  Alto Flute part, 6 pages; Total, 8 pages. PDF $5.99


No.2, Sonata in A minor:  Alto Flute part, 8 pages; Total, 10 pages. PDF $7.99


No.3, Sonata in G minor: Alto Flute part, 6 pages; Total, 8 pages. PDF $5.99