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Mozart.K304_imageSonata in E minor, K.304, by W. A. Mozart

Transcribed for Alto Flute and Piano by John W. Pratt

Alto Flute Part, PDF $5.99

Mozart's second group of violin sonatas, the seven "Mannheim" sonatas of 1778, were begun in Mannheim where Mozart also worked on a flute commission.  The violin parts rarely make significant use of double stops and are in general very well suited to alto flute.  It is perhaps suggestive for performance that Mozart designated all his violin sonatas for "piano and violin".

Mozart's works in minor keys are rare and special: consider the G-minor quintet and Symphony No. 40.  The K.304 sonata is his only work in E minor and it is mysteriously compelling in its simplicity.  It was written the same summer that his mother died.   

We provide the transcribed alto flute part; the piano score is readily available in the public domain, free of charge.

For additional information about the seven Mozart Mannheim sonatas and their alto flute transcriptions, please read the Mozart’s Mannheim Sonatas article written by Mr. Pratt; the article was originally published by Flute Focus and subsequently republished by NSM on our Resources – Reviews and Articles page.

Alto Flute part, 5 pages; Total, 8 pages.