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Schumann Drei-Romanzen nsmDrei Romanzen, Op.94, by Robert Schumann

Transcribed for Alto Flute (and Piano) by Carol A. Vater

Alto Flute Part, PDF $6.49

Robert Schumann composed his Drei Romanzen (Opus 94) for oboe and piano in 1849, and Simrock published the first edition, Drei Romanzen für Hoboe, ad libitum Violine oder Clarinette, mit Begleitung  des Pianoforte, in 1851.  Others have created arrangements of this popular piece for additional instruments, including cello, alto sax, soprano sax, tuba, flute, and horn.  The 3 Romances are beautifully adaptable to the alto flute’s range and sonority.  We provide here the alto flute part; the piano part is readily available in the public domain, free, as a pdf download of the score for oboe and piano.  Here is a link to one such source: Piano Score.

JP__CAV_Pf__Alto_Flute_11.11.10_uncroppedAlto Flute part, 6 pages; Total, 8 pages