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Brahms Op120 No2 Afl nsmSonata, Op.120 No.2, by Johannes Brahms

Transcribed for Alto Flute by J.W.Pratt

Alto Flute Part, PDF $8.99

This is the second of Brahms' two clarinet sonatas, transcribed for alto flute by John Pratt.  Although written originally for clarinet, Brahms himself created two more versions of his Op.120 sonatas, for violin and viola. Mr. Pratt, who transcribed these works for alto flute so expertly, writes in his foreword: "If Brahms was happy with versions for clarinet, viola, and violin, surely he would have welcomed arrangements for alto flute, especially since it is the mellow rather than the clarion aspect of the clarinet that he called on. In making our arrangements for alto flute, the violin versions have been particularly helpful, since the violin has the same lower range as the alto flute, but they required modification for several reasons. One, of course, is that the alto flute cannot play as loudly at the bottom of its range as the violin can. Another is that Brahms gave the violin double stops even though the clarinet is limited to a single voice." Our editions of the two Op.120 sonatas include only the alto flute parts, as Brahms' piano scores are freely available in the public domain. Here is a link to the listing of Op.120 No.2 on, where the clarinet, viola, and violin versions with piano scores may be found. Our alto flute arrangements are based on the usual piano parts that accompany the clarinet as the solo instrument.

Alto Flute part, 8 pages; Total, 12 pages.