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My Cart dance aflpf 240pxArab Dance, by P. Tchaikovsky

Arranged for Flute and Harp or Piano by Mary Jane Rupert

Transcribed for Alto Flute by C.A.Vater

Alto Flute Part and Harp or Piano Score, PDF $7.99

Mary Jane Rupert's arrangement of The Nutcracker for flute and harp or piano includes all of the pieces from the original Suite, Op. 71a, except the Overture.   Dr. Rupert stayed as close as possible to the original orchestration, in terms of key, harmony, register, and color.  Originally published in 1988, the arrangement was re-edited by Dr. Rupert in 2013 for publication as separate flute/piano and flute/harp editions by Noteworthy Sheet Music.  After creating the new flute editions, Noteworthy Sheet Music's editors realized that one of the pieces of the suite in particular, Arab Dance, would work beautifully on alto flute.   We created an alto flute transcription of the flute part, both for ourselves and for our alto flutist friends.

We offer separate versions of the score for piano or harp, although in the case of the Arab Dance the harp-specific notation is minimal compared to some of the other pieces contained in the complete edition of The Nutcracker arranged for flute and harp. dance aflhp 240pxAlto Flute & Harp Edition: Harp score, 6 pages; Alto Flute part, 1 page; Total, 10 pages. $7.99
 dance aflpf 240pxAlto Flute & Piano Edition: Piano score, 6 pages; Alto Flute part, 1 page; Total, 10 pages. $7.99



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Tchaikovsky - Arab Dance - Alto Flute & Harp
Tchaikovsky - Arab Dance - Alto Flute & Piano