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Bowlby Laurels nsmLaurels, by Timothy J. Bowlby

Contemporary Composition for Solo Flutist, playing flute, alto flute, and piccolo, PDF $9.00

—adapted from excerpts of program notes written by the composer, Timothy J. Bowlby:
Laurels, for solo flutist playing flute, alto flute, and piccolo, was written in 2018 for two of the composer’s flutist colleagues, Laurel Tempas and Peter H. Bloom.  The piece is cast in a three-section form.  The flute is featured exclusively in the initially march-like A section of the work.  A “lyrical alto flute passage”, requested by Mr. Bloom, starts the middle or B section and the piccolo concludes it; the overall affect is one of contemplation and reflection in nature.  The concluding A’ portion is begun by the piccolo and ends with a return to the flute and the march-like material that started the piece. 
Laurels was premiered by Peter H. Bloom in June, 2019; a recording of the performance can be accessed on YouTube at

Flute part, 5 pages of music; Total, 8 pages.

The lovely cover image used for our Laurels edition is courtesy of, Kalmia latifolia, the mountain laurel, calico bush, or spoonwood, image of flower buds. Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 1.0). The image has been cropped, enlarged and sharpened.