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The following new music review of our edition of Coolun, a favorite Irish Air with Four Variations, arranged by Charles Nicholson, appeared in the January, 2014 issue of Flute Talk magazine.  Subscribers may view the review, written by Katherine Borst Jones, as originally published in either the print or online edition of Flute Talk.


(3-4) Flute - Coolun, a favorite Irish Air with Four Variations
Composed by Traditional
Arranged by Charles Nicholson


This work is arranged for flute with an ad libitum accompaniment for piano or harp. This is a facsimile edition plus a re-notated flute part. The air is delightful, in G major, in an easy range of low D to E above the staff. The variations move from 16ths, to 16ths in sixes, to a grace-note variation, to finally a 32nd-note variation, that could be played by a fine junior high or senior high player as an introduction to variation-style composition. Included in the edition are the historically appropriate glides, aptly described. Also included are excellent notes. Charles Nicholson is known for his “School of the Flute” and for the inspiration he provided Theobald Boehm, as he was known to play with a larger than normal tone for the time, due to his stature. Available from the website as a PDF or in published form. ($11.99  K.B.J.