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Peter H. Bloom's testimonial to Elizabeth Vercoe's composition Kleemation appeared on, where Noteworthy Sheet Music's publication of the piece can be purchased as a professionally-printed hard copy edition.  Mr. Bloom's 5-star testimonial is re-printed here for the convenience of our visitors.


Thrilling and rewarding for performers and (diverse) audiences alike.

5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling and rewarding for performers and (diverse) audiences alike., January 19, 2014

By P. H. Bloom "PHB"

This review is from: Kleemation for Flute and Piano, by Elizabeth Vercoe (Paperback)

Having performed Kleemation dozens of times and throughout the world (from urban New York to rural South Dakota, from Boston to Bankok, to Chaing Mai, to Aukland, to Dunedin, to Wellington to Canberra) and having recorded it, I believe that this work of Elizabeth Vercoe is among the most vibrant, compelling, accessible, and moving pieces for flute and piano in all the literature.  It is demanding for both performers while approachable by the advanced conservatory student.  It challenges audiences without hostility.  The work is inspired by the darkly mysterious drawings of Paul Klee - subject matter that always seems to grab the attention of the audience.  Each movement of Kleemation is beautifully crafted and efficient; yet the range of musical language is broad and diverse.  The edition is beautifully typeset with clarity, good page turns, excellent cues, and immaculate editing.  Kleemation could be, in our repertoire, the Copland Duo or Poulenc Sonata or Chant de Linos of the 21st Century.