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NSM’s editorial consultant Peter H. Bloom gave a lecture on “Effective Writing for Flutes and the Contemporary Flutist” at the 2018 Snow Pond Composers Workshop.  In his presentation, Mr. Bloom discussed various topics using four contemporary works published by Noteworthy Sheet Music as examples.  We’ve just published a free text version of this excellent presentation on our website, in our Reviews and Articles section, including some of the audio clips and supplemental written materials that Mr. Bloom used as demonstrations.
We were excited to learn recently that Edward Jacobs, an NSM-published composer and co-director of the Snow Pond Composers Workshop, was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship on April 4, 2018.  Here's a link to the award announcement from the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation's website. Our hearty congratulations go out to Ed Jacobs, who is professor of composition and theory at East Carolina University School of Music.  The first annual Snow Pond Composers Workshop took place in June, 2015, and NSM published an anthology of new compositions for flute introduced at that session.  For additional information about the Snow Pond program, participants, and compositions, visit our listing page for the Snow Pond Anthology.

Giuseppe Maria Cambini wrote his Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 as a duet for two flutes.  However, the piece works just as well with the second flute part transposed for clarinet, and provides some much-needed repertoire for that instrument combination.  Other than changing the key for a B-flat instrument, no modifications were required for the transcription.  The idea to publish a version of Cambini's Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 for flute and clarinet came from flutist Richard Evans, who also edited our edition.