Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC

Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute


Originally for piano and basset horn, this piece alternates sparkle with rich mellow beauty and it’s well-suited to either flute or clarinet. Since we at NSM have grown quite fond of Danzi’s Grande Sonate, we decided to transcribe it for both instruments, so we and our friends could enjoy playing it.  We’ve just published our edition of Danzi's Opus 62 for piano and flute ... check it out if you’re in the mood to try some new repertoire.

We provide a newly-typeset edition of Danzi’s Grande Sonate, Op.62, edited and with a few ossias suggested by John Pratt to embellish the basset horn part. The original publication, from around 1823, doesn’t include a full score, is difficult to read, and contains several errors; so, we hope players will appreciate having access to a newly-notated, easy to read modern edition.