Noteworthy Sheet Music, LLC

Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute


We provide a newly-typeset edition of Danzi’s Grande Sonate, Op.62, edited and with a few ossias suggested by John Pratt to embellish the basset horn part. The original publication, from around 1823, doesn’t include a full score, is difficult to read, and contains several errors; so, we hope players will appreciate having access to a newly-notated, easy to read modern edition.

Giuseppe Maria Cambini wrote his Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 as a duet for two flutes.  However, the piece works just as well with the second flute part transposed for clarinet, and provides some much-needed repertoire for that instrument combination.  Other than changing the key for a B-flat instrument, no modifications were required for the transcription.  The idea to publish a version of Cambini's Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 for flute and clarinet came from flutist Richard Evans, who also edited our edition.