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Uncommon Sheet Music for Flute and Alto Flute


Giuseppe Maria Cambini wrote his Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 as a duet for two flutes.  However, the piece works just as well with the second flute part transposed for clarinet, and provides some much-needed repertoire for that instrument combination.  Other than changing the key for a B-flat instrument, no modifications were required for the transcription.  The idea to publish a version of Cambini's Sonata in D Major, Op.5, Duo 1 for flute and clarinet came from flutist Richard Evans, who also edited our edition.

Marjorie Otis Gifford, long-time piano teacher and music educator, wrote a children's operetta based Robert Browning's classic poem The Pied Piper of Hamelin for her students. This charming work, with music composed by Mrs. Gifford and pages graced with illustrations by Deborah O'Connor, was once directed by Antoinette Perry ("Tony" of the Tony Awards). The operetta is experiencing a revival this March in Rutland, VT, and school music programs across the country may want to consider staging a production of their own.

Flutists and NYC history buffs will enjoy Peter H. Bloom's highly-informative and fascinating foreword to NSM's latest publication.  Learn a few details about composer and virtuoso flutist Louis Drouet, the composer's 1854 performance of his exquisite composition Salute to New York, the New York Crystal Palace venue, and Wm. Hall & Son flute makers. Salute to New York, A Song for the Flute is a terrific piece to download and perform, but even if you aren't interested in the sheet music, a read of Mr. Bloom's © article is well worth your time.