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All scores that include a part for at least one percussion instrument, such as vibes, xylophone, a drum kit, kettle drums, etc.; but not keyboards.

  • Vercoe - Fantavia - Flute & Percussion

    Fantavia_Image_122011Fantavia, by Elizabeth Vercoe

    Contemporary Composition for Flute and Percussion, PDF $12

    Described by the New York Times as a piece with 'timbral adventures and lovely moments', Fantavia for flute and percussion is based on the rhythms and melodies of North American birdcalls.  Some of the calls are as familiar as the orioles and robins of a suburban back yard, while others like the common loon are recollected on awakening at dawn in the wilderness.  Although a literal transcription was the starting point for each call, the music is intended as a fantasy. 

    ev image flipped caption jpg

    Fantavia has been performed at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, at Merkin Hall in New York, at the National Flute Convention in Colorado and on several U.S. tours of the Armstrong Duo. 

    vercoe fantavia cdThe Duo recorded Fantavia on a Centaur compact disc entitled “Exotic Chamber Music” in 1996.  Click to read a review published in the IAWM Journal

    Click on the icons to hear audio samples. 

     mp3 iconmp3 fantavialoon  

    mp3 iconmp3 fantaviatrills

    Named by the Washington Post as 'one of the most inventive composers working in America today', Elizabeth Vercoe has had performances throughout the U.S. and abroad including: the St. Petersburg Spring Music Festival in Russia, the Goethe Institute in Bangkok, and the Pompidou Center in Paris as well as by the New York Virtuoso Singers and Boston Musica Viva.

    Score for flute and percussion, 14 pages; Total, 17 pages.



    We also offer a printed hard copy edition of Fantavia for $20.40 plus a $5.95 shipping and handling fee.  Due to prohibitively high international shipping rates, we ship print editions only to addresses in the USA. Please use the Contact Us form to let us know which hard copy publication(s) you would like to purchase, along with your email contact information and USPS mailing address.  We will then send you a PayPal invoice for the sale and, once we receive notice from PayPal that you have paid for the item(s), we will ship your music to the address provided.


  • Snow Pond Anthology—2015

    SPA nsmSnow Pond Composers Workshop Anthology New Music for Flute 2015

    Edited by Joshua Tomlinson, PDF $21.95

    The first annual Snow Pond Composers Workshop took place June 7-13, 2015, under the direction of Edward Jacobs and Richard Nelson.  The workshop was part of the broader Snow Pond Music Festival taking place in Sidney, Maine.  Peter H. Bloom was the Visiting Performing Artist, and Elliott Schwartz was the Guest Composer.  The Snow Pond Composers Workshop Anthology—New Music for Flute 2015, edited by Joshua Tomlinson, includes all of the scores presented at the workshop:



      ED by Sean O. G. Burns | one player, on flute with kick drum and voice
      Where Wind Blows by William C. Edwards | solo flute
      Farewell to Charms by Henry Feinberg | solo flute
      Amuse-Bouche by Edward Jacobs | solo flute
            Published by American Composers Alliance, reprinted with permission.
      Stillness by Richard Nelson | trumpet, saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums/percussion;
            or, flute and electric guitar (or other small combination of instruments)
      Party On, Bloom! by Alan Racadag | one player, on piccolo, C-flute, alto flute,
            and optional bass flute
      Soliloquy III by Elliott Schwartz | one player, on flute, piccolo, alto flute, and piano
            Published by American Composers Alliance, reprinted with permission.
      Something Human by Joshua Tomlinson | solo flute
      Indecision (...or maybe not) by Isaac Ward | solo flute
      Vyvirian Folk Songs by Julian Ward | solo flute
      Quicksilver by Joshua Zinn | solo flute

    This is a remarkable collection of new music for flute, which Noteworthy Sheet Music is pleased to make available to the broader flute community.  Our edition includes composer biographies and performance notes, as well as the scores.  

    Scores, 39 pages of music; Total, 64 pages.


    Awarded 2018: Congratulations to composer Edward Jacobs on being awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.

    Peter H. Bloom gave a lecture on “Effective Writing for Flutes and the Contemporary Flutist” at the 2018 Snow Pond Composers Workshop.  In his presentation, Mr. Bloom discussed various topics using four contemporary works published by Noteworthy Sheet Music, including Amuse-Bouche and Soliloquy III, as examples.  We later published a free text version of this excellent presentation on our website, in the Reviews and Articles section, including some of the audio clips and supplemental written materials that Mr. Bloom used as demonstrations... click the link to access the text version.

  • Finlayson - Moon Shadows - Winds and Percussion

    Finlayson Moon-Shadows nsmMoon Shadows, by Walter A. Finlayson

    Contemporary Composition for 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, and 9 Percussion Instruments

    Score and Parts, PDF $14.25

    Walter Finlayson (1919-2000) was an American composer, musician, educator, and music innovator, with nearly twenty original compositions and some forty arrangements to his credit.  While serving in the navy, he played saxophone and clarinet in the US Naval Reserve dance band, seated next to the great Artie Shaw.  Finlayson's ASCAP output includes music for band, dance band, orchestra, voice, and chorus.  His compositions and arrangements have been published by Boosey & Hawkes, EB Marks, Boston Music, and Mercury Music, and performed by major college marching band programs.  One of his best-known compositions is I Had a Premonition, which was written for voice and piano, but which was later arranged for the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra, one of the preeminent bands of the swing era.  A recording of the tune can be heard on The Jimmie Lunceford Collection: 1930-47 compact disc released in 2014 on the Fabulous label, and on YouTube.

    Noteworthy Sheet Music's chief editorial consultant Peter H. Bloom received Finlayson's previously-unpublished score for Moon Shadows from the composer's daughter, and we were impressed with its quality and sophistication.  For a piece written in the late 1930's or early 1940's, as Gale Finlayson recollects (the score is not dated), Moon Shadows seems remarkably ahead of its time.  The work is scored for two flutes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, bells, vibraphone, xylophone, finger cymbals, maracas, bongos, roll cymbals, temple blocks, and tympani.  We notated our modern edition of the piece as faithfully as possible based on the hand-written Finlayson score; our edition of Moon Shadows includes both score and parts.  We at NSM are pleased to aid in the re-discovery of some of Walter Finlayson's works; for additional information about this interesting composer, please visit the Our Composers page under About Us.

    Score, 19 pages; Parts for Flute-1, Flute-2, Clarinet-1, Clarinet-2, Bass Clarinet, Bells, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Finger Cymbals and Maracas, Bongos and Roll Cymbals, Temple Blocks, and Tympani, 1 page each; Total, 34 pages. 

  • Finlayson - 3 Pagan Dances - Percussion Ensemble

    3 Pagan Dances, by Walter A. Finlayson

    Finlayson 3PaganDances-II nsmContemporary Compositions for Percussion Ensemble
    I. Goddess of the Earth: Score and Parts, PDF $8.99
    II. Rain Forest: Score and Parts, PDF $6.99
    III. Temple of the Sun: Score and Parts, PDF $13.99

    Noteworthy Sheet Music's chief editorial consultant Peter H. Bloom received Walter Finlayson's previously-unpublished score for 3 Pagan Dances from the composer's daughter, and we were delighted for the opportunity to become acquainted with this rousing, intoxicating work.  For our publications, we've opted to create separate editions for the three pieces, giving players the choice of acquiring only one or two of the 3 Pagan Dances at a time, depending on their level of interest and performance needs.  In each case we have maintained the composer's allocation of instruments per player. Pagan Dance I. Goddess of the Earth is scored for (1) snare drum/suspension cymbal/gong, (2) tom-toms, (3) temple blocks/xylophone/cowbell, (4) bells, (5) chimes, and (6) timpani.  Pagan Dance II. Rain Forest is scored for (1) bongos/claves, (2) finger cymbals/suspension cymbal, (3) maracas/gong/wind chimes, (4) bells/tom-toms/gourd, (5) xylophone/timpani, and (6) vibraphone.  Pagan Dance III. Temple of the Sun is scored for (1) xylophone, (2) tom-toms, (3) temple blocks, (4) gong/suspension cymbal, (5) chimes/crash cymbal, and (6) timpani. Our editions of the 3 Pagan Dances include both scores and parts.
    Click on the MP3 icons below to listen to audio samples from a 1964 performance of the work:
    I. Goddess of the Earth audio  mp3 icon
    mp3 iconII. Rain Forest
    mp3 iconIII. Temple of the Sun
    We at NSM are pleased to aid in the re-discovery of some of Walter Finlayson's compositions; for additional biographical information about this remarkable composer, please visit the Our Composers page.


    Finlayson 3PaganDances-I nsmI. Goddess of the Earth: Score, 8 pages; Parts for (1) snare drum/suspension cymbal/gong, (2) tom-toms, (3) temple blocks/xylophone/cowbell, (4) bells, (5) chimes, and (6) timpani, 1 page each; Total, 16 pages
    Preview I

    Finlayson 3PaganDances-II nsmII. Rain Forest: Score, 6 pages; Parts for (1) bongos/claves, (2) finger cymbals/suspension cymbal, (3) maracas/gong/wind chimes, (4) bells/tom-toms/gourd, (5) xylophone/timpani, and (6) vibraphone, 1 page each; Total, 14 pages.
    Preview II

    Finlayson 3PaganDances-III nsmIII. Temple of the Sun: Score, 13 pages; Parts for (1) xylophone, 2 pages, (2) tom-toms, 2 pages, (3) temple blocks, 2 pages, (4) gong/suspension cymbal, 1 page, (5) chimes/crash cymbal, 1 page, and (6) timpani, 2 pages; Total, 26 pages.
    Preview III


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